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About Us

Voce Capital Management LLC is a fundamental value-oriented, research-driven investment adviser founded in 2011 by J. Daniel Plants.  The San Francisco-based firm is 100% employee-owned.

the case for change

Argo’s current strategy and expense structure – including shockingly high corporate expenses – is costing shareholders dearly.  Voce believes that change...


Bernard C. Bailey, Ph.D.

Dr. Bailey is highly qualified to serve on the Board of the Company based on his successful leadership of multiple public and private companies in the roles of Chief Executive, Chairman and Director, and his significant experience in finance and corporate governance. Dr. Bernard Bailey’s career spans over three decades of business and management experience. … Continue reading Bernard C. Bailey, Ph.D.

Charles H. Dangelo

Based on Mr. Dangelo’s extensive experience serving in various senior management roles at leading global insurance companies and the insurance and risk management business acumen acquired therein, as well as his many roles serving in leadership, operational and management capacities in the insurance industry, we believe he is highly qualified to serve as a Director … Continue reading Charles H. Dangelo

RADM Kathleen M. Dussault

Admiral Dussault’s qualifications to serve as a Director include her outstanding leadership skills honed over decades of distinguished service in the United States Navy, extensive experience in facilities and operational management in both the public and private sectors, and her track record of increasing the responsibility and accountability of leading organizations with global reach. Admiral … Continue reading RADM Kathleen M. Dussault

Carol A. McFate

Ms. McFate is highly qualified to serve as a director of the Company based on her skillful cost-reduction efforts and prudent management of over $12 billion in retirement assets at Xerox and decades of experience as a senior financial executive at major insurance companies where she spearheaded efforts focused on improving long-term risk management and … Continue reading Carol A. McFate

Nicholas C. Walsh

Mr. Walsh’s broad spectrum of experience serving in numerous capacities at AIG, his experiences as a director on the boards of large insurance businesses as well as the expertise and management and leadership skills he honed during his time as an international C-suite insurance executive make him a highly-qualified director candidate. Mr. Walsh served in … Continue reading Nicholas C. Walsh

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News & Commentary

Argo-Voce: The Path Forward

As the Argo-Voce skirmish nears its first checkpoint, a proxy vote, The Insurance Insider breaks down the state of affairs and speculates on paths forward. Read More

Voce Challenges Argo Director Appointments

The battle between Bermudian-based Argo Group International Holdings Ltd and activist shareholder Voce Capital Management is heating up. The San Francisco-based hedge fund owns about 5.6 per cent of Argo, and earlier this month attacked what it called a “spendthrift culture” at the company by citing what it called “inappropriate corporate expenses”. Read More

Investor Voce Slams Argo for ‘Invalid’ Board Appointments

In an ongoing dispute, Voce Capital Management, a shareholder of Argo Group, has questioned the legality of the re/insurer’s appointment of two independent board directors. Read More

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